Why do I need a motorhome

Why do I need a campervan?

The Caravanning lifestyle!

In recent years, there has been more and more people interested in caravanning. Why is this way of spending holidays becoming more and more popular? It is influenced by many factors, especially the lifestyle, which often imposes on us a fast pace. We’re always in a hurry, we spend more and more hours at work, more and more people work in large crowded cities. Caravanning is an ideal alternative for busy people, there is no better way to feel independent and actively relax close to the nature.

At home on the road

Choosing the right campervan is not a difficult task. There is a large choice of campervans on the market at various prices. One of the cheapest and most economical campervan is Volkswagen California, a van that can be used as a family car or a comfortable van during the year, and in the summer it will be a comfortable place to live in.

Different versions of California are available on the market. The version which is well-equipped has, apart from beds, a set of cabinets, a kitchen with a fridge and a sink, and even a simple shower. This kind of equipment makes the car a comfortable camper, which will take us to any place we want and provide relaxation in a natural setting or on a modern campsite equipped with all amenities.

The California Beach version is a van without furniture and a kitchen, but with comfortable lying spots, a raised roof, awning, table and tourist chairs. Additionally, it can be retrofitted with a Campingbox – a system of cabinets that can be easily dismantled, equipped with a tourist stove and a fridge.

Apart from the equipment Volkswagen California and California Beach has another important advantage: it is an excellent car for driving. California is driven like a small minivan or passenger car. In addition, the car can be equipped with an electrically closed boot lid, three-zone, electronically controlled air conditioning, navigation with on-board WiFi, or a camera for easy parking. What is more, to increase safety you can equip your car with a radar cruise control system, lane departure warning system, or an emergency braking system.

California – is it a comfortable camper?

The rich equipment makes California a comfortable car, but how does it work as a campervan? Well, the sofa and roof unfolds very quickly, thanks to which we get two comfortable beds for sleeping. The possibility of sleeping anywhere on the road makes our vacation start the moment we leave the house, and a comfortable camping, roadside parking lot, creek with a beautiful view of the sea or a mountain glade at the edge of the forest becomes the accommodation place.

Volkswagen California is definitely lower than classic motorhomes, thanks to it we pay for the highway fees like for a passenger cars. Smaller dimensions make it easier to move around cities and campsites, moreover, most underground car parks can also be accessed without problems.

However, regardless of whether we have a California or another motorhome, the biggest advantage of any motorhome is the ability to travel freely, relax anywhere, relax surrounded by nature. Wherever we decide to spend time: at a luxury campsite or close to nature, the feeling of freedom and rest from everyday hustle and bustle is incomparable to other forms of spending holidays.

Caravanning is becoming increasingly popular because it provides variety, and a large selection of campsites at different prices makes it a form of vacation for every budget. So now you know why you need a campervan.

How do we travel?

We’re packing and going! We move in the direction previously chosen and we sleep when we are tired. Moreover, we stop in beautiful and not too crowded places, we change the campsite when we desire it. And above all we rest from what we have every day. We also go sightseeing because traveling by a campervan gives us the feeling of freedom.

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