Retrofitting Volkswagen T4 T5 T6


Service and retrofitting Volkswagen T4 T5 T6

We invite you to receive the best service from California Team Volkswagen T4 T5 T6 Customs. We provide services at the highest level thanks to qualified and professional employees. Our modern and equipped with professional equipment workshop will change your car into the car of your dreams.

VW California TEAM

Car and campervan conversion

Conversion of passenger cars and trucks to campervans: Westfalia, California, Reimo. We are converting VW T6 into any California, Multivan, Caravelle model. We are converting the old front into a new one: VW T4 Lift (h4, Xenon), VW T5 Lift (LED lights, h4, h7, Xenon), VW T6 (Xenon, LED, h4, h7). We change the interior of the VW T4, T5, T6 adapting them to your needs.

VW California TEAM

Car and campervan retrofitting

To increase driving comfort we will retrofit your car to your needs. We recommend the installation of Climatronic 2x3x zones and Mechanical 1x and 2x zones. Retrofitting for Caravelle, Multivan, California, Westfalia, HighLine. Webasto heating installation. Car electronics is our strong point. Thermal and sound isolation will increase driving comfort and improve heating efficiency.

Modernizacja Volkswagen T4 T5 T6

Car and campervan renovation

Do you want to change your car, give it a second life, improve its appearance and functionality? 

We recommend painting cars and renovating car paints. The novelty is applying graphics to varnish and car wrapping. Car bodywork and removing dents without painting will improve the appearance of your car.

Doposażenie Volkswagen T4 T5 T6

Modifying the engine settings: chip tuning

We optimize fuel consumption, and increase engine performance:      CHIP TUNING. 

We write intelligent injection maps specifically for your car, so as to increase the engine performance and reduce fuel consumption.

Doposażenie Volkswagen t4 t5 t6


We provide advice on the purchase of cars and their retrofitting. A group of our experts will certainly advise you on which car and with what equipment will meet your expectations. If you are hesitating on buying a car, are looking for the right campervan for your family, contact us, we will help you make the right choice.

Wiadomości firmowe VW California TEAM

Sale of camping accessories

We work with the best producers of camping accessories.

Products that we have in our offer will certainly make your time spent on the campsite easier and more comfortable.

vb susp-01


The existing leaf or spring suspension is completely replaced with a full air suspension. This system consists of airbags, shock absorbers, height sensors, compressor and electronics (so-called VB-ASCU). The pneumatic system filters the unevenness of the ground, improving driving comfort and more.

The strengths of our company

The biggest advantage of our company is the individual approach to the client. We use many years of experience in our work. Attention to the smallest details, highly professional employees, service at the highest level is the key to our customers’ satisfaction.

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